About Us

Welcome to Phoenix Rising Homeschoolers!

When we started homeschooling in 2010 we were overwhelmed by the choices available to us.  We did find lots of curriculum that zeroed in on our fears and insecurities… and that a bigger price tag did not always guarantee a better education.

Over time I learned to figure out what materials and what teaching styles work best for each of my children.   The never-ending search for quality curriculum or material often led to teaching a religious theory that was not aligned with our beliefs.  Between the two it was daunting learning curve and a lesson in preserving our sanity.

There were simply too many times where we thought we had the perfect curriculum only to crash and burn by the sheer weight of it.  Once we made peace with ourselves we realized the best solution is often in rediscovering good but forgotten resources.

Usually this means reusing what is locally available or using an older version of a popular homeschool program.  This can make homeschooling a tad bit more budget friendly but it also limits you to when the resources become available and finding places that sell them.  Luckily with the increase in Secular-Humanist-Freethinker homeschool communities we were connected with amazing resources and able to rise again!

With this blog I hope we can help spread awareness of the homeschooling resources that worked for us and to offer support to those looking to find the best tools.  We also hope that you will consider sharing your own solutions and experiences with homeschool materials.  Especially if you have ever made your own curriculum, teaching materials, or reused/upcycled older materials!   If interested please contact us using the form below or join our Facebook group.

  • If you are a homeschooler or you are thinking about homeschooling, I hope you will find value in our efforts to present an honest or different perspective of homeschooling.
  • If you are not a homeschooler, we hope what we present here will A. encourage you to consider donating your teaching materials or B. look at new ways to reuse your materials.


Either way we thank you for joining us!