The Most Important Homeschooling Resource I Have is This – SEA Homeschoolers

Last month I wrote this post about moving and thinking about which homeschooling resources were worth keeping. It’s that time. Again. I’m culling my bookshelves. I’m sorting out the materials we used and the ones we never used.  The weeks and months of searching endlessly for the right curriculum has made me a creature who hoards … [Read more…]

This is what Secular Homeschooling looks like! {A Secular Blog Hop} 6/18-7/15

Welcome back Secular Homeschoolers to this month’s blog hop! In last month’s blog hop several bloggers linked up with their favorite homeschooling resources and our community members did not disappoint!  They gave us a good look at what applying to an English University would entail, a habit building and productivity app, a neat geography project, … [Read more…]