It’s Pink.

When I was a child our Dad color coded our wardrobe. As the only girl it was instinctively pink. Somewhere inside of me grew this dripping disdain for the color pink.  If I had an option I wanted anything besides the color pink. Now that I have options it’s not such a big deal.  Pink … [Read more…]

Roaster Oven Success!

I had never seen one before coming to Texas.  One day while strolling the grand aisle of HEB in Killeen, Texas I came across this deal.  It looked like a giant slow cooker.  The price tag minus attached store coupon was $20.  How could I say no?  I was powerless to resist the pull of … [Read more…]

What makes the perfect cake?

Birthdays are a labor of love.  Simple or complex the effort that goes into it comes from the heart. As the oldest of four I had plenty of awesome birthday parties before I had to share the limelight with my siblings.  My dad continued to make the effort up until I was a teen.  I … [Read more…]

Labor Day Thoughts

Hopefully you have made the most of your weekend! I’m taking a moment to be Thankful for Labor Day, and here is why… Weekends.  8 hour work day (compared to 12 hours).  My kids don’t have to go to work to support our family.  My kids don’t have to work 8 hours + in dangerous … [Read more…]