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  1. Honey Bear

    Good Luck Neko!! I am secretly supporting you! Opps. Well if you win I want to play Fallout 4 with you, if you lose, I’ll get ice cream.

  2. Amy S

    So I looked at this from a different perspective as I’m not the parent here, nor is Neko my child. If it were my child it more than likely would be no. However, Neko seems as he is a very mature teenager. He also makes a very compelling argument. If the voting goes in his favor, maybe do a contract that talks about his behavior and actions. (What is expected out of him and what is not.) Have Neko sign it. Should he slip on his behavior, attitude, etc apply the consequences that he signed to.

    May the lords be in his favor.

  3. Happy Birthday Neko! I am very impressed that you were able to put your argument into words and that you did research to back up your claims! I also think you did a great job of using examples to prove that you are becoming more mature and can handle playing more adult games.

    No matter which way the vote goes, you should be proud of yourself and I am sure your parents are proud of you too!

    P.S. I am rooting for you!

  4. Connie Clix

    Hey sweetie,
    I’m going to argue this both ways!!
    1st of all, yes you should be allowed to play the more mature rated games!
    However with great power comes great responsibility!
    By this I mean that if you’re “old enough” to play these games then you must be mature enough too.
    Which means get good grades, do your chores, respect mom and dad, help with siblings, be a productive member or your community, etc…
    If you expect to have the privileges of a mature person, be sure to display and behave as one too!
    No attitude with mom and dad. Whether you buy it or not you reside in their home, they may revoke privileges no matter if you pay for it or your cool aunt buys it!
    The great thing about this is, if you show the maturity in aspects of your life as I have described, they wont need to punish you and revoke those privileges!

    Btw. Your article is well thought out and well written! Good job!

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