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Last month I wrote this post about moving and thinking about which homeschooling resources were worth keeping.

It’s that time. Again. I’m culling my bookshelves. I’m sorting out the materials we used and the ones we never used.  The weeks and months of searching endlessly for the right curriculum has made me a creature who hoards educational materials, like a dragon hoarding gold. We go to great lengths to create a school-at-home environment.  […]

Source: The Most Important Homeschooling Resource I Have is This – SEA Homeschoolers

This month I find myself chuckling because the pressure is on-we now have orders to Korea, which means we now only rate 50% of the usual weight allowed!

The packers are scheduled to pickup our belongings in August and it looks like we can expect to see our stuff again sometime after November.  This easily makes moving a 3-6 month gap if we are not careful.  Which means we will need to figure out which resources we will want or need to carry with us.  This month also has me reevaluating our online resources.  Do we stick with the MobyMax or the KhanAcademy we are currently using? Or should we take a break from the internet and bring workbooks instead?  Keeping in mind that when we travel, we tend to put our school work aside and learn about the world around us as much as we can.

The one thing I know we won’t try to pack, are these game boards!

If you suddenly had to pack up and move, what three things would you use to help you homeschool for 4-to-6 months?

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