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Welcome to Phoenix Rising Homeschoolers!

When we started homeschooling in 2010 we were overwhelmed by the choices available to us.  The never-ending search for quality curriculum often led to educational material teaching a religious theory that was not aligned with our beliefs.  Like most homeschoolers we came across curriculum that zeroed in on our fears and insecurities and with the big promises came a bigger price tag that did not always guarantee a better education.  In the end there were simply too many times where we thought we had the perfect curriculum only to crash and burn by the sheer weight of it.  I almost threw in the towel.  Luckily with the increase in Secular-Humanist-Freethinker homeschool communities we were connected with amazing resources and able to rise again!

It was a daunting learning curve and a lesson in preserving our sanity.

We stopped the madness and simplified the way we homeschooled.  Primarily by observing and attuning ourselves to the needs of our children.  Over time I learned to figure out what materials and what teaching styles work best for each of them.  It was only then that we were able to make peace with ourselves and realize that the best solution is the one that works!

While we have found a few favorites along the way, we first try to focus on using what is locally available.  Since we are a military family, our resources can change without notice!  The best thing we can do is to make the most of it while we can.  The adventure never ends so we hope you will join us as we explore educational materials and the world around us.

This is what homeschooling looks like!

If you are a homeschooler or you are thinking about homeschooling, I hope you will find value in our efforts to present various perspectives of homeschooling.

To keep us current and to support other homeschooling families, I ask that my homeschooling friends share their favorite resources, solutions, and experiences inside our Facebook group.  If you have ever made your own curriculum, teaching materials, or reused/upcycled older materials-please consider using the contact us form below to tell us about it or join our Facebook group.



Have something you have been working on that you want to share with us? Here is your chance to let us know!

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